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Welcome to the wonderful world of „The Magical Toothfairies“

We have put faces to the Toothfairies and now you are able to join them on their trips and experience exciting adventures.
Our four heros are on missions around the Globe. We get to know, how it all began.
For the first time children and parents enjoy how the Toothfairies collect the well brushed fallen out baby teeth and fulfill wishes of children.

We all know the story about the Toothfairies. They come at night to collect the fallen out baby teeth of children and leave a gift for them behind. The Toothfairies diriving from the English-Irish mythology and are part of the education in all English speaking countries since more than 100 years. For the first time we have put faces to the Toothfairies and now you are able to join them on their trips and experience exciting adventures. In our episodes the magical Toothfairies not only try to make children take care of cleaniing their teeth regularily.

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The Toothfairies only take clean and well brushed teeth and as a gift they leave a wishing coin for the child. If the tooth is not well brushed, they leave a toothpaste and toothbrush under the pillow to remind the child of its duty.

The Toothfairies take the fallen out baby teeth to Toothfairy Town, located high above the clouds. In the middle of Toothfairy Town stands a big Toothmill. Here the baby teeth of the children are ground to toothdust. This toothdust, once sprinkeled over the heads of the Toothfairies they get magical powers. Lynn has telecinetic powers, Leo-Lino can read the mind of the children and Toothfairies, Basts has an X-Ray view and Professor can beam to any place of the world within the blinking of an eye.

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In additon to these powers they add the toothdust into their water supply system, they live forever and never fall ill. This is the reason why the Toothfairies always need the fallen out baby teeth of children.


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About us

Our Project transports one of the most important stories affecting nearly all children internationally aged between 4 and 8 – the time when children lose their baby teeth and grow their permanent teeth. This they take very seriously as it is quite a new experience in their lives.

Our TV series features for the first time in a modern way, the well-known story derived from the Irish-English mythology about “The Magical Toothfairies”.

In our episodes the Magical Toothfairies not only try in a caring way to ensure children clean their teeth regularly, but also enable them through the various trips to discover different cultures and landscapes and animals on our planet. Based on the fact that the Toothfairies not only have strengths but also weaknesses, children are able to identify closely with the characters of the TV series.

The children of the world are our future. We hope that by communicating values such as friendship, reliability and love, that we can make a small contribution to communication between the nations.