Our children books will be avialable for download or phyiscal purchase. It is important for children to read and look at books physically, because it leads them to concentration and expands their phantasy.

1. How it all began…

Why the magical Tooth Faires collect the fallen out baby teeth, and how they make use oft hem. Introduces why the TF collect the baby teeth of the children, why they always need the baby teeth and how they make use of them. The tooth mill in the middle of Toothfairy Town grinds the baby teeth to tooth dust. Sprinkled over the TF heads they gain magical powers. The toothdust is also used in the water supply system and this is the reason why they never fall ill and live forever.

2. Adventure in Mexico

The enemies and their evil plan If you think mean and you are devious, you might fall into your own trap.The evil McCavity wants to gain back power in Toothfairy Town! This time our friends visit Mexico. They find an old pyramid in the middle of the jungle, built by the native people called Maya a long, long time ago.

3. Michael, the boy who does not want to go to school

A child might not be ready for school, but by showing the positive things of learning, it will be easy to motivate it. Michael looses his first baby tooth. But he is not happy a bout it. He knows it is one step towards growing up. But he does not want to grow up and in no case he wants to go to school. He prefers to play with his Teddy Baer named Toby.

4. At the Zoo

Animals have their own language we do not understand, but one day of the year, they are all able to understand each other. Lions, monkies, orang-utans, snakes… all kinds of animals are living at the Zoo. Children like to visit the zoo. Amy is the daughter oft he zoo director. She is very lucky and knows all animals by name. And the animals like her very much, because she brings food and talks to them. But there is one single day every year, when full moon falls on a Sunday, all animals are able to speak to each other and they celebrate a party. You don`t believe it well… see for yourself what happened to the TF at the Zoo.