We are proud to announce that our new partner in the USA „Genius Brands” is going to launch 26 episodes of our TV series.

The magical Toothfairies launch on 11th June 2018 on the following TV channels:

Kid Genius Channel             – on Comcast

Kid Genius Channel App      – Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV

Kid Genius Plus                    – Channel on Amazon Prime TV

from August 20118 another two channels are to follow:

Kid Genius Channel             – Dish & Sling

Kid Genius Channel             – Cox

To develop the beautiful project of „The magical Toothfairies“ we are in final negotiations with a strong Danish Holding Company to join and develop the concept. We want to make the next steps and produce 26 new episodes (27-52).

Negotiations with the number One in dental publishing „Quintessenz Publishing“ are at the final stage. We are confident to enter into a license agreement by middle of

July 2018.