Author, Producer and Director

We all know the story about the Toothfairies. They come at night to collect the baby teeth of the children and as a present they leave a present behind.

We have put faces to the Toothfairies and now you are able to join them on their trips and experience exciting adventures. Our four heros are on missions around the Globe. We get to know, how it all began. For the first time children and parents enjoy how the Toothfairies collect the well brushed fallen out baby teeth and fulfill wishes of children.

But the Toothfairies only take clean and well brushed teeth, if they are bad and not well brushed, they leave a toothpaste and toothbrush.

They bring the teeth to their home in Toothfairy Town. In the middle of the town stands a huge toothmill. In this mill the baby teeth are ground to tooth dust. The teeth of the children contain their dreams, hopes and wishes. Once ground to dust and sprinkles it over the heads of the Toothfairies they develop magical powers.

Leo-Lino is able to read the mind of children and Toothfairies. Lynn has telecinetic powers. Basta has an x-ray view and Professor is able to beam to any place on Earth.

Toothfairies are good fun and entertainment for the whole family. Positive values such as friendship, reliability and education shall be mediated through the series. The Toothfairies are anofficially sworn in community.

Only the evil McCavity always tries to take over power in Toothfairy Town. This makes life sometimes difficult for the Toothfairies.